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Paint - Reboot

The original idea came from a discusion Gerald had with Adam Veseley while attending California State University Chico back in 2003 - 2004. Adam had the concept idea but no completed story, so Gerald wrote it up and Adam loved it, so they began working on doing it themselves, but they got real busy with school.

Years later after Graduating from Video Symphony, a post production school in Burbank, Gerald thought it would be the best vehicle for his first self produced film. In 2005, Adam was busy and could not participate, so Gerald moved forward and spent $5,000 of his own money to make PAINT [click to visit the page of the original movie with actors and previews] with a rag tag group of teens, which included his son Aria, whom Aria Pictures is named for, and his Daughter Kyriè, who was not written in it until her recital of everyone's lines when she helped out with auditions, and several other guys including Gerald's nephew Reid Young.

There were plans to have a second team that they met at base camp, but with no one really knowing who Aria Pictures was, or even Gerald, people were not lined up to be in the movie, so he had to be creative and the cast played the other team.

It turned out pretty good compared to what he wanted to do, and ever since it was finished he wanted to continue the story further, but as time went by, the actors grew up in real life, but in the story the next one was suppose to take place a month, maybe two after the first one — that was not going to work.

So he combined the three stories together in hopes that one day he could make the full length film that is packed with action, comedy, drama, and hope.

After being involved in many short films, and a few medium length films, plus all the other various projects — most of which have been FREE to Gerald and cast & crew — We have decided not to make another production unless we can PAY the cast & crew. It may just be gas money, but that is better than nothing.

Now is that time, with a limited budget, 13 years later, better equipment, lots of experience, and the want to make his first Full Length Feature Film, why not make it the first movie he ever made, but now BIGGER?

Production Team

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coming soon after pre-production and auditions, as we will need Crew members of all positions, and actors. If interested please contact us at we would love to hear from you.


Aria, Trevor, Carlos, Rick, Wes, Chad, David, Garrett, Roscoe, Doug, Steve, Kyriè, Tara, and many more.